About The Leela Centre

The Leela Centre is a unique home for love, conscious growth, and transformation in the heart of Sydney.

A host to cutting edge healing work, personal development, and spiritual workshops, the centre is a not-for-profit organisation with a purpose of providing space for community, facilitators and workshops that serve the growth of unconditional love for individuals and humanity.

More than just an event space, The Leela Centre is a place that holds the energy and intention of love for all visitors and community members, and supports facilitators to offer their work in a deeply supportive environment.

Our core values at Leela are unconditional love, acceptance, empowerment, safety, respect, authenticity, and growth, and we encourage all people with these values to visit the space and offer their gifts here.

Some of the regular workshops and modalities that are regularly offered Leela include:

Unconditional Love Healing
Dancing Eros
Kundalini Activation/Awakening
Family Constellations
Women’s Circles
Men’s Groups
Soul Space Circle
Sound Healing
Conscious Sexuality Events

For more info on upcoming events see our calendar



What does Leela mean?

The term Leela is the sanskrit word for divine play. Leela (or Lila) is a way of describing all reality, including the cosmos, as the outcome of creative play by the divine absolute.

The purpose of creation, is leela. The concept of leela escapes all the traditional difficulties in assigning purpose to the creator. Leela is a purpose-less purpose, a natural outflow, a spontaneous self-manifestation of the Divine. The concept of leela, again, emphasizes the role of delight in creation.