About The Leela Centre

The Leela Centre began as a dream of a conscious living community in the country side. As this didn't seem immediately achievable, Vandan who founded the Leela organisation then created the original Leela Community Studios in Paddington, Sydney.

For 2 years the studios in Paddington became a hub for leading edge conscious events and transformational workshops, attracting many facilitators and teachers.

Eventually the core group of facilitators using the original Leela Studios had a vision of a larger conscious community centre. Realising the opportunity to create a centre in Sydney like nothing that had ever existed before, they decided to start a crowdfunding campaign to raise the start-up costs, and find a new location.

After a long and magical process, the funds were raised, the organisation secured a lease at the new Darlinghurst location, and the building was completed for the new Leela Centre in October 2016.

Soon after the centre's completion, Vandan passed on leadership of the organisation to the new team, and the centre began it's journey of growth and expansion which continues to this day.

Along the journey of building and growing The Leela Centre, many people have contributed invaluable resources and energy. Moving through the challenges of creating and growing a new organisation has been a hugely transformational experience for all involved, and the current leadership team are committed to providing this unique space, in service to love and the leading edge of humans transformation.

In 2018, the Leela Centre is now firmly established as the go to venue for conscious transformation, healing, embodiment work, and personal growth in Sydney, and is home to a range of powerful and unique workshops and events.

Just some of the workshops and events that are run frequently at The Leela Centre include:

Unconditional Love Healing
Dancing Eros
Sydney Spiritual Network Events
Authentic Relating
Women's Groups
Tantra Events
Orgasmic Meditation
Experiential Astrology Training
Massage Trainings
Breath work
Various Yoga & Meditation Groups

And much more..

The Leela Centre is a not-for-profit organisation, and welcomes volunteers who are passionate about our same inspiration and vision. For information about volunteering opportunities, contact us.



What does Leela mean?

The term Leela is the sanskrit word for divine play. Leela (or Lila) is a way of describing all reality, including the cosmos, as the outcome of creative play by the divine absolute.

The purpose of creation, is leela. The concept of leela escapes all the traditional difficulties in assigning purpose to the creator. Leela is a purpose-less purpose, a natural outflow, a spontaneous self-manifestation of the Divine. The concept of leela, again, emphasizes the role of delight in creation.