Room Hire Application Form

If you're interested in running your event at The Leela centre, please complete the form below.

Only a very brief description in a few sentences of the content and purpose of your event is required.

We do our best to accommodate all workshops and events that are in alignment with our values and vision. However demand for space at the centre has become quite high and we can only fit so many in.

Other than for reasons of availability, If we cannot accomodate your event it may be because we the feel the workshop may not be practically suited to our space (e.g. ecstatic dance events), we may feel some sort of misalignment, or your event may be very similar/close in the schedule to an existing booking in a way that might be counter-productive. These situations are rare but occasionally do happen.

If you haven't already, please read our room hire info sheet before filling out this form (Updated April 2019):

Room Hire Application Form

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