The Leela Team

The Leela leadership team also serves as the board of directors of the Leela Community organisation. Our primary aim is to guide and manage The Leela Centre to be the best possible venue serving freedom, unconditional love, transformation and growth in Sydney and the world.



Simon Wing-Lun

Founder of the Unconditional Love Healing method, Simon teaches workshops and trainings in healing, self-love, spiritual development, tantra, and conscious relating. Director of The Leela Centre since it's completion in late 2016, Simon is passionate about supporting and guiding people to come home to love within themselves, and to grow into their fullest, most loving, free and empowered potential.



Lora Radford

Co-founder of Unconditional Love Healing, passionate dancer, healer, channel, and poet, Lora teaches workshops along with Simon, and loves to bring the energy of the playful feminine to Leela. Having experienced a lot of deep trauma in childhood and throughout her life, Lora embodies the power and potential of all people to live in light and joy, regardless of how much darkness or difficulty we may have experienced.


Alison Petrie
Strategic Advisor

Alison has been a leader in the Sydney community, running conscious events and connecting hearts for many years. The founder of I Am Woman Global, Co-Founder of Kunditantra, Tantric facilitator, Biodanza facilitator,  and holder of Sacred Women's circles, Alison is a Women's Embodiment Practitioner.  In tune with her own deep feminine essence and highly tuned sensitivity she intuitively guides people to connect more deeply to their hearts and to honour and own their vibrant sexual energy.