The Leela Team

The Leela leadership team also serves as the board of directors of the Leela Community organisation. Our primary aim is to manage the centre to best support the expansion of love and freedom in Sydney and around the world.



Simon Wing-Lun

After first becoming involved in the original smaller Leela studios in Paddington, and the being involved in the visioning, fundraising, and construction of the Darlinghurst centre, Simon has been director of The Leela Centre soon since after it’s completion in 2016. The founder of the Unconditional Love Healing method, and co-founder of Tantric Connections, Simon has been immersed healing, transformation, and spiritual growth since a period of rapid spiritual awakening in his early twenties led him away from a corporate path, and into deep connection with his heart and purpose.

Simon is passionate about providing a place for people to discover their deepest truth and full potential, to love who they truly are, and connect with like minded souls to support their journey. Having seen so much work, love and energy go into the creation and establishment of The Leela Centre, it is a joy for Simon to see so many people having powerful experiences in the space in the way it was envisioned and intended.


Lora Radford

Co-founder of Unconditional Love Healing and Tantric Connections, passionate dancer, healer, channel, and poet, Lora teaches healing and tantra workshops along with Simon, and loves to bring the energy of the playful feminine to Leela (which is very suitable as Leela means divine play)

Having experienced a lot of deep trauma in childhood and throughout her life, Lora embodies the power and potential of all people to live in light and joy, regardless of how much darkness or difficulty we may have experienced. Lora loves to see people healing, transforming, and having fun at The Leela Centre and is often cleansing the space energetically keeping it vibrationally ready for the important work that happens within the walls.


Alison Petrie
Strategic Advisor

Alison played a key role in the envisioning and fundraising for the centre, and has played a vital role in supporting Simon & Lora with it’s establishment and development. A leader in the Sydney community for many years, Alison is the the founder of I Am Woman Global, co-founder Tantric Connections, co-founder of Kunditantra, and Biodanza facilitator. With a background in IT, psychology, and meditation teaching, Alison brings a very deep embodiment of love and power to all that she does.

Alison has deep gifts for supporting women to connect more deeply with their feminine, sensuality, and sexual power, returning from the head to the body and heart, and opening to live from deep connection to love and life itself.